About Us
Created in 2013, in Rio de Janeiro, KAMINARH Consulting reached the Brazilian marketplace with the aim of contributing with many projects and challenges on the field of Human Resources.
Counting on experienced executives heading the company, KAMINARH Consulting provides services with the required expertise to develop solutions to work with Human Resources, rendering full satisfaction to its clients.
The founding partners of the company have been dealing with Human Resources for more than 25 years. They’ve been leading high positions in global companies in the main sectors of Brazilian industry, such as Oil and Gas, Mining, Telecom, Insurance and Banking. Those professionals combine the required experience, capacity, resourcefulness and knowledge to render the most adequate solutions to their clients, working in a customized way.

Meet the companies’ demands for Human Resources techniques, delivering exclusive services and complete highly qualified solutions to customers, as well as maintain a level of satisfaction in order to build a lasting relationship.

Our attitudes, actions and decision are guided by high ethic principles as we truly intend to respect our partners and strengthen the social welfare.
Regarding to quality, timeliness, customization, responsiveness and sense of urgency, we want to let our clients entirely satisfied by the services provided by KAMINARH Consulting
KAMINARH Consulting services are highly qualified and can provide great conditions to help everyone involved to grow professionally and positively.
KAMINARH Consulting services are delivered with the best performance, together with a movement of constant search for innovations.
KAMINARH Consulting also expects that the services provided can, in some measure, assemble values to its client business, contributing to sustainable development throughout the good behavior of people.

Our main goal is to deliver services that provide the best solutions in order to meet our customers’ expectations. We intend to become great strategic partners in the processes of development of our clients’ business, offering our expertise in Human Resources services that best suit to their demands.
Our structure is composed by four Divisions:
Recruitment and Selection
KAMINARH Consulting considers human capital a distinctive potential for organizing business matters, hence Kaminarh operates helping the Recruitment and Selection of executives in high and medium management, as well as professionals with specialization or technical degrees, acting even at companies’ startup stages.
We assure our customers will always receive exclusive attention in the entire process of recruitment, from the opening of the job and the identification of the profile required to the position, until after the hiring process.
KAMINARH Consulting provides the most detailed information about adequate profiles of candidates and specifications for jobs. In this sense, we aim to respect and attend the professionals’ competencies and behavior, together with technical requirements, in a way that our procedures meet what’s expected as well as the challenges related to the position.
We are also committed to the project customization and flexibility, as KAMINARH Consulting recruits well qualified professionals, via traditional searches or networking head hunting, opportunities in which the required competencies can be properly detected and analyzed.
The new generation, following the logics of innovations, is generally better prepared in terms of global interactions. Young people seek references and guide their decisions by the known experiences from their contacts network, as well as from their own.
In order to attract and retain well qualified professionals, a salary adjusted to marketplace’s statistical measures as well as setting out a competitive benefits package may not be enough, once these professionals seek fundamentally good references of an organization in its segment of action.
How are treated your colleagues in their companies and how they were treated when leaving such companies?
The Outplacement process let the professional know how important and recognized by the company he is, even while leaving the organization.
Naturally, this professional may bring quite positive reflexes to the company’s image, once this person will probably comment with some of his professional colleagues about how well he has been treated at the outplacement stage.
As a Consulting company working with Human Resources, Kaminarh Consulting also intends to auxiliate and support such an organizational process, leading and standing for the companies’ relationships. For this reason, KAMINARH Consulting provides:

People Development

The People Development Division contributes to manage the development and implantation of the company’s connected projects and strategies.
The main goal is to discover, map, train, develop its human talent and enable professional growth of its employees, as well as improve their talent retention policy.
Among the main projects to which we can support the organizations, there are the following:
Working Environment Survey
As the People Development Division, the Working Environment Survey aims to identify any necessity of improvement at the workplace. In this matter, KAMINARH Consulting makes use of a tool directed to a diagnosis, aiming to improve the quality of the working environment, professional development, well-being and contribution to the company’s growth in the marketplace in which it operates.
The Working Environment Survey is held in a customized way, respecting the company’s technical features and the special necessities of our customers.
At the end of the project, the customer will receive a segmented report that omits the identity of each participant in order to ensure a level of confidentiality at this process, indicating the strongest areas, as well as the areas that require further improvement and guidance for the development of an action plan.
This Division has the responsibility of coordinating the development and the implantation of many projects connected to the strategies of the company, as well as the aim to recognize and reward its employees, and create or improve its compensation policies.
Among the main projects to which we can support the organizations, there are the following:

FERNANDO CAMILO – Managing Partner
Fernando is graduated in enterprises’ management and Mathematics and had a post-Graduate specialization in Human Resources – Executive MBA from COPPEAD/UFRJ. He has also done other courses related to Business Management, Corporate Finance and Executive Leadership at the University of Buffalo in New York, at Cambridge University in London and at the International Academic Institute ESADE in Madrid. Having acquired intercultural experiences by taking part in various international projects in Europe and at the Americas, Fernando had pursued executive functions at important national and multinational companies for more than 25 years.
Lucimar is a senior generalist in Human Resources with deep experience contending with globalized companies working in the field of Oil and Gas. She has been dealing with multinational industries of lubricants and Telecom. Throughout her professional career, Lucimar has taken part into strategies of Human Resources directly connected to the most important debates on business. She was responsible for themes of Recruitment and Selection, Training and Development, Compensation and Benefits, Union Negotiation and Payroll, as well as others related to the Human Resource Management. Lucimar had an important role at startup stages for the development of many companies working with Oil field. Additionally she’s been in charge of many contracts for customers involved with Administration and Management of People, always assembling and forming multidisciplinary and multicultural teams. Lucimar also has an Executive MBA from COPPEAD/UFRJ, Post-Graduate from IAG Master in Human Resources at PUC / RJ and a Graduation degree in Biological Sciences from UGF / RJ.

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